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Vétoquinol is delighted to offer a range of services to support our companion animal anti-infectives product range and help to promote responsible use of antimicrobials and infection control in practice.  Services offered include the following:


 Marbofloxacin sensitivity discs and stickers for sample submission

 Anti-infectives quick reference range poster for practices

 Quarterly newsletter – summary of what’s new in the world of antimicrobials and infection control

 Access to our highly valued Antimicrobial Alert webinars, in conjunction with BSAVA, Bella Moss Foundation, Medimark and Abbey Vet Services

 Practical cytology training

 Bespoke individual practice meeting tailored to your needs, supporting the decision-making process and design of an anti-infectives and infection control policy for your practice

 Receptionist/nurse training on antimicrobials, infection control and compliance

 Client support literature, including our downloadable client leaflet and our waiting room poster

 Downloadable hand washing poster

 Sanitary audits, focusing on infection control in practice

Please contact your local Vétoquinol Territory Manager or call Customer Services on 01280 825497 for further details



At Vétoquinol, we believe that appropriate antimicrobial use and infection control are key issues facing the medical and veterinary professions today.  We are doing our utmost to support the responsible use of our products and therefore help to prevent antimicrobial resistance, by education of veterinary practice staff and owners, along with working with some key individuals and organisations to support a global perspective on this important topic.


Product Support

Client Support

Click the product below to download the relevant Datasheet, if you would like to find out more information about Vétoquinol and its full range of products please click here to visit our main site.



Marbocyl P
Marbocyl SA

To help support your practice and improve your owners awareness and compliance in using antibiotics Vétoquinol has produced a range of support material which is available free.


Client Leaflet (5016)

Waiting Room Poster (5017)

Hand Washing Poster (5018)





Disclaimer:  Indications and doses may vary between products.  The antimicrobials listed may constitute an off licence use of the product and as such should only be used according to the ‘Cascade’, further details of which are available on the RCVS, VMD and NOAH websites.  Veterinary surgeons are advised to carefully check the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) before prescribing a product and obtain informed owner consent where required.