Topical Preparations


There are many different types of medications available that your vet may prescribe for your pet. We understand that it can all be a bit confusing, especially if you are given more than one type of medication.  We have prepared a brief summary of some of the more common products you may be given.


Topical preparations are products that are applied externally, for example skin creams and ear drops, as opposed to systemic treatments, which are given internally (e.g. tablets). These products may contain an antibiotic to treat an infection, and/or an anti-inflammatory. For ear and eye infections topical products are often used because they get to the site of the problem better. Your vet will sometimes use a topical skin cream for a mild skin infection if oral antibiotics (given by mouth) are not needed. Sometimes these products will be used together with oral medication.



Disclaimer:  This website has been designed to offer information surrounding the use of antibiotics and infection control for pet owners.  It does not replace advice from your veterinary surgeon.  If you believe your pet is unwell or you have any questions relating to their treatment, please always contact your veterinary surgeon for advice.