How Do I Shampoo My Dog?


We understand that not all pets are particularly cooperative when it comes to taking their medication; hopefully this guide will give you some tips to make the job easier.


This can be a bit of a soggy process for everyone involved but a lot of dogs don’t mind being shampooed. It is usually easiest to do this in the bath to prevent you getting water everywhere, but always wash the bath thoroughly with disinfectant afterwards. Using the shower head to wash your dog may also make it easier. Always check that the temperature of the water isn’t too hot before you use it on your dog.


Wet your dog thoroughly.

Massage the shampoo into the coat until you get a good lather, being careful of the eyes and ears. Make sure you get to the difficult spots like between the toes.

Let your dog stand for 10 minutes or as directed on the label so that the shampoo can work.

Rinse the shampoo off thoroughly with clean water.

Always make sure the house is warm enough in winter to ensure your dog doesn’t get cold afterwards while they’re drying. You can dry them gently with a towel after rinsing out the shampoo, but always wash any towels used on a hot wash afterwards, especially if your dog has any kind of skin infection or parasite.


We hope that these general guides will help you but remember to always follow any specific instructions given by your vet as not all medications are the same. They may also tell you that you need to wear gloves to administer certain medications. If you are unsure always check with them as they won’t mind and would rather that you did it correctly.


Disclaimer:  This website has been designed to offer information surrounding the use of antibiotics and infection control for pet owners.  It does not replace advice from your veterinary surgeon.  If you believe your pet is unwell or you have any questions relating to their treatment, please always contact your veterinary surgeon for advice.